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Acoustic pop singer songwriter Anouska Assisi encapsulates a broad range of musical genres into a unique sound. Anouska Assisi’s songs have catchy hooks along with thoughtful and considered lyrics, making music something people can really relate to. Taking inspataions from pop Idols Ed Sheeran and KT Tunstall, Anouska Assisi uses a loop station to build original music live, in front of audiences all around the UK; transforming songs from a single strum on the guitar to a full blown production in minutes using just her voice, guitar and Pedals. 


'Naked Truth’ is Anouska Assisi's first studio EP release. It has veins of; lessons learnt, first love and family, running through it. Anouska Assisi supports many established artists live and headlines independent shows with her loyal & organic fan base filling the venues. Constantly collaborating with new artists and writing new material daily, keep a look out for Anouska Assisi's upcoming releases and live shows. 

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